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Emissione dei biglietti

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Is the ticket issue automatic?

No, because issuing a ticket is a manual process. When you buy tickets online, you provide us with visitor information and tickets, and you pay the full price online. From this moment, you will receive a confirmation email and we will receive your information. In order for your tickets to be issued and available, our agency must make the manual procedure in person, reserve and then pay in person for your tickets. In addition, when tickets are discounted, we must submit the proof to the authorities in Cusco. All of this is a manual process that takes time and can only be done on business days and hours.

Why do I have to wait to get my tickets?

When our agency started selling tickets to Machu Picchu, we issued the tickets very quickly after the purchase because that is what the majority of customers wanted. We then encountered a problem: often, customers noticed an error in their ticket, or were wrong on the date, the document number; or simply wanted to change the type of ticket or date after reflection or setbacks. Or simply cancel their tickets and have a refund. All this is impossible when tickets are issued. Since you can not predict whether there will be a mishap, we made the decision not often understood to postpone issuing the tickets. We therefore prefer to wait as much as possible to issue the tickets because during all this time you can change any information including visitor, date or service for free. In addition, the cancellation is subject to a full refund except bank charges.

Almost every day we receive requests for change. This is only possible (and free of charge) if the notes are not yet issued; and it is precisely because we impose a delay between the purchase and the issue of the notes. We know that it can be hard to wait to get your tickets and hope you understand that this is only for your comfort and to avoid you buying new tickets.

How do I show my tickets at the entrance?

Once the tickets are ready, we send you by email and SMS a link to a PDF document that contains the tickets. Until 2021 it was necessary to print the PDF on paper but now, with the help of the pandemic, you can simply show your ticket on your smartphone to the staff at the Machu Picchu entrance. Whether you want to print your tickets or download them to your phone first, you can access your tickets from our direct print page$

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